APA celebrates Trevor’s dress code victory at Clyde ISD.

One of the most important pieces of the Abilene Pride Alliance’s mission is to advocate for justice. When APA heard of Trevor Wilkinson’s plight as a male student not being allowed to wear nail polish, we knew this was a battle we must help fight. APA was able to connect Trevor with attorneys from the ACLU, provide emotional support, as well as speak against the discriminatory gender biased dress codes in Clyde ISD’s student handbook in the media and the Clyde ISD School Board meeting. 

Because of Trevor’s bravery in speaking out, Clyde ISD has now not only changed the policy on wearing nail polish to gender neutral, but the entire dress code has finally been updated to be gender neutral. 

The APA is proud of Trevor and grateful to have been able to play a part in making this bold step toward equality, particularly in a small conservative West Texas community. 

Equality belongs to all of us and when we work together, amazing things can happen!

Monica Warn-Walker
Author: Monica Warn-Walker

Monica is a transplanted Okie, having moved to Abilene in 2002. She retired from AISD having served as a middle school math teacher as well as an administrator. She has been involved in LGBTQ civil rights since the early 1990s. She and her wife of 29 years have three marvelous sons, one of whom is gay, and three wonderful granddaughters. Creating a community that is rich in diversity and equality is what motivated her to serve on the Abilene Pride Alliance.

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