A Very Sordid Evening with Del Shores


On February 18th, Big Country AIDS Resources in partnership with the Abilene PRIDE Alliance will be proud to bring you an evening with Del Shores.

The event will be hosted at the historic Paramount Theater with the doors opening at 6:15 pm.

After a short intro at 6:45 pm, our guests will get to enjoy a private showing of "A Very Sordid Wedding". A comedy inspired by Del's upbringing in Winter's Texas.

We will follow the film with a Q&A where Del Shores and stars Emmerson Collins, and Dale Dickey along with People Magazine Editor and Abilene's own Jess Cagle will be available to answer questions from the audience.

Ticket Pricing

Proceeds from this event will go toward programming provided by BCAR and the Abilene PRIDE Alliance. We thank you for choosing to support these organizations and fun, unique events in Abilene, Texas.

General Admission

$10 - 75

  • General Seating by Price
  • Movie Access
  • Q & A Access
  • Social Distanced Seating



  • Priority Seating
  • Movie Access
  • After Party Access
  • Social Distanced Seating



  • 4 Priority Seats
  • Movie Access
  • After Party Access for 4
  • Signage Recognition
Best Value

"The most delicious combination of emotion and laugh out loud hilarity to come along in the new Millennium . . . The Birdcage meets the Bible Belt—and the result is the most hilarious comedy of the year."
– Ivor Davis, The New York Times

Author: Sam

Sam is the President of the Abilene PRIDE Alliance. He is a local progressive, rural government activist and works at TRUST Web (a web design firm) as the owner. He is also co-owner of WHITL Woodworking (a jewelry manufacturer). Sam has been an avid organizer since he attended the University of North Texas studying psychology. It's a passion that followed him his entire life. He ran for the Texas House of Representatives in 2018 and again in 2020 to draw attention to the lack of education funding facing Texas and the dire situation that most rural water infrastructure was in. Sam's hometown made national news several times for the amount of lead content in their drinking water. The issue remains unaddressed. In 2019 when he was chair of Indivisible Abilene he helped to put on Abilene's largest PRIDE event to that point in two weeks on $500. Over 500 people were in attendance at Everman Park. It was this event that would lead to the creation of the Abilene PRIDE Alliance. In the fall of 2019 Sam, James, and several other LGBTQIA people held the first Abilene PRIDE alliance meetings. Since then, they have formed an online database for affirming...

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