Texas LGBT Heroes

The Abilene PRIDE Alliance is proud to be partnering with The Borderland Rainbow Center to present the LGBTQ+ Heroes Project
El Paso, TX — The Borderland Rainbow Center is thrilled to announce the launch of its second installment of the LGBTQ+ Heroes Project which features a playing card deck and educational website.
This time around the project will highlight 54 individuals or organizations who have made an impact on the LGBTQ+ and/or wider community in the great state of Texas.

Nominate an LGBTQ Hero!

Taking Nominations Now — One of the main goals of the APA and the BRC is to promote acceptance and inclusiveness for the LGBTQ+ community. The LGBTQ+ Heroes playing cards, Deck 2 will showcase role models and significant organizations throughout the great state of Texas.
Each of the 54 playing cards will feature a person or organization that has positively influenced, impacted, or guided LGBTQ+ culture and/or issues in the Texas LGBTQ+ community.
Call for Artists! The artwork featured on each playing card will be commissioned and created by local artists. Each artist will be compensated for portraits for two heroes.
Impact of this Project - This project will include the production and sale of the completed LGBTQ+ Heroes playing cards deck, and will offer educational materials and activities on the accompanying website (lgbtqheroes.org).
Our goal is to bring awareness to the world about the rich and beautiful LGBTQ+ history that lives in the great state of Texas, honor those who have made an impact, and invite people to learn and grow in their allyship.
For the most updated information about the LGBTQ+ Heroes Project, Deck 1 (Border Heroes) and Deck 2 (Texas Heroes) and to access the nomination form or the call for artists for Deck 2, visit: lgbtqheroes.org
Author: Sam

Sam is the President of the Abilene PRIDE Alliance. He is a local progressive, rural government activist and works at TRUST Web (a web design firm) as the owner. He is also co-owner of WHITL Woodworking (a jewelry manufacturer). Sam has been an avid organizer since he attended the University of North Texas studying psychology. It's a passion that followed him his entire life. He ran for the Texas House of Representatives in 2018 and again in 2020 to draw attention to the lack of education funding facing Texas and the dire situation that most rural water infrastructure was in. Sam's hometown made national news several times for the amount of lead content in their drinking water. The issue remains unaddressed. In 2019 when he was chair of Indivisible Abilene he helped to put on Abilene's largest PRIDE event to that point in two weeks on $500. Over 500 people were in attendance at Everman Park. It was this event that would lead to the creation of the Abilene PRIDE Alliance. In the fall of 2019 Sam, James, and several other LGBTQIA people held the first Abilene PRIDE alliance meetings. Since then, they have formed an online database for affirming...

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  1. I find Sam Hatton a cultural and activist leader in the whole state. As a retired teacher, I know he has schools as a priority.

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