Abilene Pride Alliance: Change in Leadership

After careful consideration and deliberation, the Abilene Pride Alliance made a swift and necessary change in its executive leadership.

James Wagstaff is now serving as the acting president of APA’s Board of Directors. James, the Executive Director of Big Country AIDS Resources, is a longtime Abilene resident with decades of experience in LGBTQIA+ rights advocacy, not only in Texas but across the country.

This change in the leadership of the organization was a decision made with the utmost care for our community.

From here forward, the Abilene Pride Alliance will work together from a place of love, honor, and respect for those we serve.

As we collectively begin to shift our focus, we hope to ignite a process of healing for those who’ve been hurt by this organization and its leadership.

Thank you for your dedication and faith in our efforts to promote and protect our LGBTQIA+ family.

We are looking forward to where this new leadership will guide us in the coming days.


James Wagstaff, President

Andrew Piersall

Elizabeth Powell

Gavyn Hardegree

Janet Dampier-Mendenhall

Margaret Warn-Walker

Monica Warn-Walker

Pamela Piersall

Editorial Team
Author: Editorial Team

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