Add a listing to Safe Places

What is Safe Places?

The Safe Places Database was developed in 2019 as the launch initiative of the Abilene Pride Alliance. It is a business and services database for Abilene and the surrounding area to help people locate services that are LGBTQ+ friendly.

It can be really hard for LGBTQ+ people no navigate who does and doesn't accept them, especially in places like West Texas. That is why it is important for businesses and organizations to show them that they will be accepted when they come.

Why should I join?

LGBTQ+ people are an incredibly marginalized community. They need to be sure that when they go out in public, the places they go are going to have their back.

Being a part of the Safe Places Database shows people in the LGBTQ+ community that you will do everything you can to make sure they are treated equitably.


Add your Organization

You can start by uploading some of your organization information from social media profiles.

After that, just fill-in the missing info and submit your listing.

We will review your organization and when we verify it fits with the Abilene Pride Alliance's mission, we will make it live!