Prism Parish

spiritual support for LGBTQIA+ persons and allies.
Prism Parish exists to love, support, educate, and affirm all who enter this space. Our spirit-led mission is to embrace each person, wholly shaped in the image of our Creator.

Prism Parish is a content platform that will provide spiritual affirmation, support to LGBTQ+ persons, resources for allies, and open arms for those seeking a faith community. It was born as a response to churches, programs, and pastors telling me that they can “be accepting” but cannot label themselves as affirming or inclusive. That’s such a harmful paradox in any faith or spiritual formation. Prism Parish has roots in Christianity, but celebrates and affirms other traditions and philosophies.

Content in the works, right now:
– social media platforms
– website (in development)
– blog
– digital small groups
– podcast
– ally courses

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