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If you are new to the Abilene, Texas area or are just looking to meet more LGBT people you have come to the right place! Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive list of LGBTQIA friendly groups in the Abilene area. We believe that our community is only as strong as our relationships. If you have a group you wish to be included please feel free to submit it.

Local LGBT Groups

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Food, Friends, & Fun.

Abilene has a wide array of LGBTQIA friendly places to eat, shop, and spend your time.

Local Gay Friendly Places to Eat

Just a few of the many restaurants that have added their names to the growing list of businesses that strive to create an LGBT inclusive atmosphere.

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Abilene has a thriving, loving, and supportive art community.

Abilene Community Theater

Abilene's premiere community theater company.

The Paramount

Abilene's oldest running movie theater and stage.

The Grace

Cultural center and museum.

The Contemporary Arts Center

Abilene's local art museum.

A Community all our own.

Abilene also has a variety of queer-centric things to do.


Get down in the Key city.


Homer's Bar

Drag, Drinks, & Fun!


The Local

Drag, Drinks, & Fun!


Lone Star

Drag, Drinks, & Fun!

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